Brief History of Littleton Cricket Club (by the founder, Dan Ruparel)

In 1993, half a dozen friends used to get together several times a week at a local restaurant and bar to discuss, over a few pints, how the week had been progressing. Our conversation almost always drifted to playing cricket in school or in college. The Americans in the group, some of whom had never seen cricket, others who had seen brief glimpses of the sport being played during their travels to England, Australia or India, were very intrigued by our love for the sport, and the predictability that the sport will be discussed every time we meet.

Each had a few questions about the sport - after explaining the sport to them with illustrations by a few of us, who had played it, we took guard in between the tables with the other players bowling their imaginary unplayable ball, weaving through the waiters and waitresses covering our area in the bar. As I had most of a cricket kit with me, we decided to have a "hands-on" demonstration at a small park in Littleton. In 1994, this continued, with one thing leading to another along with a few announcements and good articles in the local newspaper. The Littleton Cricket Club was officially established in 1994, and since then, with the help of its playing and social members, sponsors and supporters, the club has tried to push the envelope on and off the field.

The Littleton Cricket Club first held its Sixes Tournament in 1995, and initiated the Ashes Social Cricket event between the Australian and British Commonwealth (and then some!) in 1995. Both these inaugural events were held at Dove Valley Park in Arapahoe County .

Since then we played in Littleton, Aurora ,Centennial and Englewood, Colorado, Littleton Cricket Club was the first to have a permanent wicket in Denver - the picturesque Cornerstone Park. Since then, Littleton Cricket Club has hosted an International Cricket Festival attended by teams from the Bahamas and Alberta, Canada.

Record of Club Presidents and Captains since 1994

Year President Captain Vice Captain
2020 Karthik Bhaskarabhatta Bhavya Khilnani (40/40 & T20 Lions); Manoj Kumar Prakasam (T20 Tigers); Ben Powell (T20 Panthers) -
2019 Karthik Bhaskarabhatta Dharam Patel (40/40 & T20 Lions); Nayab Khan (T20 Tigers); Ben Powell (T20 Panthers) Bhavya Khilnani replaced Jay Pathak (40/40 & T20 Lions); Manoj Kumar Prakasam (T20 Tigers); Chandrasekhar Aluru (T20 Panthers)
2018 Bodhayan Chakraborty Dharam Patel (40/40 & T20 Lions); Dharma Apparasu (T20 Tigers) Raj Chitikila (40/40 & T20 Lions); Ashish Janoria (T20 Tigers)
2017 Bodhayan Chakraborty Dharam Patel (40/40); Dhiren Patel T20 Lions; Dharma Apparasu replaced Badri Ramasubramanian - T20 Tigers -
2016 Raj Chitikila Bodhayan Chakraborty (40/40 & T20 Lions)
Dhiren Patel (40/40 & T20 Lions)
2015 Raj Chitikila Bodhayan Chakraborty (40/40 & T20 Lions)
Raj Chitikila (T20 Tigers)
Dhiren Patel (40/40 & T20 Lions)
Karthik Bhaskarabhatta (T20 Tigers)
2014 Karthik Bhaskarabhatta Sundeep Tirugudu (40/40)
Dharam Patel (Twenty20)
Bodhayan Chakraborty (40/40)
Sundeep Tirugudu (Twenty20)
2013 Ramesh Appat Raj Chitikila Bodhayan Chakraborty (40/40)
Dhiren Patel (Twenty20)
2012 Ramesh Appat Raj Chitikila Bodhayan Chakraborty
2011 Rakesh Menon Joy Raha (40/40 and KO Twenty20)
Dan Ruparel (Division 2)
Raj Chitikila (40/40 and KO Twenty20)
2010 Rakesh Menon Shailesh Patel (40/40)
Dharam Patel (Twenty20)
Raj Chitikila (KO Twenty20)

Cam Galletly (KO Twenty20)
2009 Dan Ruparel Parijat LNU (40/40)
Randika Fenando (Twenty20)
Shailesh Patel (40/40)
2008 Dan Ruparel Rupesh Sagar Ramesh Appat
2007 Dan Ruparel Kit Diasabeygunawardena Phani Kolaraja
2006 Dan Ruparel AJ Janoria, Phani Kolaraja & Adi Kulkarni Phani Kolaraja
2005 Dan Ruparel Dharma Apparasu Randika Fernando
2004 Dan Ruparel Dharma Apparasu Imran Choudhry
2003 Dan Ruparel AJ Janoria  
2002 Dan Ruparel Kit Diasabeygunawardena/AJ Janoria AJ Janoria
2001 Sudarshan Ramalingam Kit Diasabeygunawardena AJ Janoria
2000 Sudarshan Ramalingam Clinton Ellnor Nayab Khan
1999 Dan Ruparel Clinton Ellnor Nayab Khan
1998 Dan Ruparel Harsh Parikh Usman Waheed
1997 Dan Ruparel Shehzad Ali Clinton Ellnor
1996 Dan Ruparel/Atif Siddiqi Charles Richards/Lewis Hayton Lewis Hayton/Charles Richards
1995 Dan Ruparel Peter Renton Lewis Hayton
1994 Dan Ruparel Terry Banfield Peter Renton