LCC Championship Years:
2018 Premier League Champions

2018 T20 Champions

2017 Premier League Champions
2016 Premier League and T20 Champions
2014 Premier League and T20 Champions
2013 Premier League and T20 Champions
2012 Premier League and T20 Champions
2011 Division 2 Champions
2009 T20 Champions
2008 T20 Champions

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About LCC

The Littleton Cricket Club is a formally registered nonprofit corporation in the state of Colorado. The club goals are:
  1. To help create necessary infrastructure in order to facilitate the playing of cricket

  2. To imbibe a spirit of hard work, honesty and happiness in all cricket players

  3. To follow the laws and spirit of cricket as set by the ICC (International Cricket Council) and The Colorado Cricket League (CCL)

  4. To promote, recruit and educate the community about the game of cricket and foster sportsmanship among LCC members

Club Organization

The club holds its annual general meeting (AGM) each February. Participating members elect the club officers and Captains for the year and set the club membership fees based on the club's budget.

2017 Captains & Officers
  • Premier League Captain - Dharam Patel

  • Twenty20 Captain - Dhiren Patel

  • Club President - Bodhayan Chakraborty

  • Club Vice-President - Badri Ramasubramanian

  • Club Treasurer - Garnet Gibson

  • Club Secretary - Dharam Patel

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